About Us

Solumac has been successfully providing software solutions to customers for over a decade. Founded in 2005, we initially provided simple database services in a Microsoft Office desktop environment.

Today Solumac provides both, bespoke software solutions as well as a wide range of ready-to-use open source solutions to minimise cost implications without compromising the five pillars of robust software solutions (Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance and Cost Optimisation).

Since open source solutions have no software licence implications,  they are free to use! We only charge for the install, maintanenance, training and any customisation the client may need. We host our solutions in the cloud to leverage the benefits that comes with cloud. However we can also host the solutions in the company’s corporate environment as per client’s requirement.

Solumac has partnered with various development teams overseas in order to provide cost effective solutions with the additional benefit of outsourcing more software solutions expertise on demand, allowing us to meet software requirements for both small and medium size enterprises.

We have vast technology and software expertise covering software architectural design, project management, development, quality assurance, implementation and support. Our solutions are hosted in AWS Cloud, the largest cloud provider in the world, whose guaranteed continuity gives our clients peace of mind.

By choosing Solumac you can rest assured that we will endeavour to exceed your expectations.