Moodle is the world’s most popular e-learning platform. Developed on pedagogical principles, Moodle is used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors.

As a learning platform it can enhance existing learning environments. Moodle allows for extending and tailoring learning environments using community sourced plugins.

As an e-learning tool, Moodle has a wide range of standard and innovative features that can be used in many types of environments such as education, training and development, and in business settings. With customizable management features, it is used to create private websites with online courses for educators and trainers to achieve learning goals. Many Moodle themes, based on responsive web design, allow Moodle to be used on mobile devices. Also, a Moodle mobile app is available in Google Play, App Store (iOS), and the Windows Phone Store.

e-Learning Platform –  We can install, migrate existing data, train and maintain all instances of Moodle solutions. The platform can be installed in the cloud (recommended) or in a local network.

More information about the solution can be found on moodle.com.